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why would u want to know?

why would u want to know?

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Posted by littleMAHER1 - 3 weeks ago

Hello I'm kinda back

I won't be as online I as was before break but I will check on here every now and then


RS3 RESCRATCHED has entered production and I'm having fun making the game so except the game to come out in a few months (I don't have a relasie date yet),

I am also working on a new series of games cause people talk about how I don't make alot of oringal stuff. Once I'm done with chapter 1 I will realise both Chapter 1 and the prequel to this new series titled Opperation Crystal

Anyway I'm gonna use time to work on these 2 projects and when I'm done with at least one of them I will publish them to NG



Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 15th, 2020

Just taking a break for a while :)

Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 8th, 2020

So after reading the rules of uploading a movie I think I get why the short was blammed

It's because it includes pictures of characters I didn't make

I feel dum now

im sorry

I hope i dont get banned from NG or anything


Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 8th, 2020

apparently oh toodles got blammed and that made me sad

cause even tho the video is a joke and a meme i dont think it should have gotten blammed

especcily when bad projects (not trying to throw shad at this person) makes bad things yet still somehow GETS on the front page of GAMES FOR 2 MONTHS


so im reposting oh toodles sue me

Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 7th, 2020

After people requesting I have made a oringal game

It is up for judgment and I hope u like it


Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 7th, 2020

I uploaded my first newgrounds animation

and its a meme :|

check it out it currently under judgment


Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 6th, 2020

Before anyone asks in the comments on how I convert projects from scratch to newgrounds

i used this to convert the swp file to a html5 file


I been asked this question a ton of times and if anyone asks again I will redirect them to this blog

Oh and when u go to convert make sure u check off the box to convert it to a zip file so that newgrounds will accept it


Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 5th, 2020

So after publishing my 3rd remake people seem to want a oringal game or at least a fangame


so ok

I'll be realising a game called The Adventures of Pinto Kilcc later on during the day, It's a point and click game in inspired by riddle school and Henry stckmin but with its own touch. Its not a full game so I will be updating it alot so look out for that. It has a few different endings that are easy to find and yeah

when I ralise it I hope u guys will enjoy it.

Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 3rd, 2020

So I just sent Breaking the Bank: ReSCRATCHED up for judgement and I hope u guys enjoy

It took me 3 hours to make and it probley shouldn't be classified as a remake but idk :/

If u guys like it I will remake EtP and I will make everything look better with my trackpad



Posted by littleMAHER1 - October 2nd, 2020

u betta belive im counting down the days until the amoung us jam is due AND u better belive im counting down until fall guys seaosn 2 realises

i need better things to do :_/